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Our mission:

Helping families live more simple and natural lives by offering sustainable and eco-friendly items as well as educational workshops. 

We offer all of dōTERRA's products through drop ship options. To view and purchase products or to become a dōTERRA member, please go to my.doterra.com/hugheshomestead 

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About Us

Jillian & R. J. Hughes

store owners

My husband and I were introduced to the world of natural health in 2017 with just one drop of dōTERRA’s essential oil. Since then, it’s changed our lives for the better. We began to learn about minimalism, zero-waste living, the fair trade market, and so much more. We are still learning each and every day and are on a mission to help share these different ways of living with as many people as we possibly can because we believe a world with less stuff, more intentionality and love will help shape a happier and healthier world. 



261 W. Main St. Saxonburg, PA 16056

Store Hours 

Tuesday and Thursday